BERTH No. 39
  • Length - 205 meters; water depth – 10,5 meters;
  • 2 mobile cranes LHM 320 LITRONIC of 104 tons capacity each, multifunctional cranes with automatic spreader and/or hook; the crane’s diagram allows to control a load up to 100 tons each; the outreach is 43 m, lifting 29 tons at maximum opening - this offers optimal premises for operating in direct transshipment from barge to vessel;
  • One shore crane of 50 tons capacity;
  • 16.000 square meters of open concrete platform for storage.

Main products operated:

  • Project cargo / heavy lift equipment;
  • Metallurgical products;
  • Bulk cereals.
Umex News

In January 2019 we have acquired 2 mobile cranes Liebherr LTM1130-5.1 (130 tons capacity each), the units are to be used mainly for Terminal operations.
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