In January 2019 we have acquired 2 mobile cranes Liebherr LTM1130-5.1 (130 tons capacity each), the units are to be used mainly for Terminal operations.

In 2017, investments summing abt. One million euro were made, increasing the amount invested since 2011 to more than 7 million euro.

These new acquisitions were centered on equipment such a shore crane of 20 tons, placed in berth 44, a Doosan frontal loader and a Bobcat Skid-steer for bulk products handling.

Our company has acquired in May 2016 one new forklift, main characteristics: loading capacity 16 tons; maximum loading height 5,47 meters, Duplex type.

The acquisition was done in order to increase our capabilities in handling metallurgical products in UMEX Terminal, considering our determination to maintain a superior service quality.

We proudly present our company activity in the new UMEX Movie

We’ve transposed in this material the essence of our activity, the modern facilities and equipment, the dynamic working relations.
Enjoy this short visit in our Terminal, if we got you interested do not hesitate to contact us for a real tour.

Our company has acquired in August 2015 two new forklifts, main characteristics: loading capacity 5 tons; maximum loading height 4,27 meters, Triplex type. The acquisition was done considering the significant increase of volumes in the past year, involving metallurgical products and bagged/palletized products; the new forklifts are most suited for handling these cargo types. The future tendency is to maintain the traffic growth, so we continuously invest in our assets, to maintain our top quality services.
Since February 2015, UMEX can benefit from using a floating crane, mainly for bulk products. The floating crane is to be used for direct transhipment from barge to vessel (and revers), increasing our operational capability. The crane has a capacity of 16 tons, it is equipped with a 12 cbm grab, achieving operational rates of 1200 tons / 12 hour shift.
In December 2014 was put in use our latest facility, a brand new covered warehouse. The warehouse is located in berth 44, next to the pier and has an area of 3600 sqm. It is a multipurpose facility, can accommodate bulk products and unitized cargo. At the moment, the warehouse is used as a flat floor facility, the operations for unitized and bulk products are performed accordingly. In the near future, the warehouse will be equipped with conveyor belt system, specialized for loading and discharging the bulk cereals in/from the warehouse.