We efficiently manage the growing challenges of intermodal transport, being a strategic partner for traders, manufacturers, forwarders and carriers.


The main services provided by UMEX

Ship / terminal operations for general cargo

Ship / terminal operations for bulk cargo

Ship / terminal operations for containers

Storage of general and bulk cargo in warehouses and open platforms

Container storage and containerizing/ decontainerizing operations

To meet the specific requirements for the handling and storage of different types of goods, we offer the following adjacent services:

Bagging bulk cargo, palletizing, labeling

Segregation / winnowing / drying

Sorting packages according to customer specifications

Weighing trucks / wagons

Through our specialized partners, we provide the following services related to the supply chain:

Wagon manoeuvring

Cargo lashing on ship / truck / barge / wagon

Tally & Cargo Condition Survey

Determination of quantities by draft survey measurements

Customs formalities

Land transport

Container transport